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Venus's love of art can be traced back to her enduring love for history and museums. Although her grandfather and step-father were painters she did not consider them
influences until looking back on how they shaped a basic knowledge and interest of art in her. And as a child, aged 12, she won first place in an art competition held by the
Hallmark Card Company. But she credits the major impact towards art to an art appreciation class she took in junior college which she took as an elective. The class made a
profound impression on her about the emotion and symbolism in art. By the time she entered the University of Texas she was drawn to a career as a curator. The college drew
up a unique degree plan for her to study both Archaeology and Art History in order that she could work as a curator in either field. While there she attended Archaeology Field
School in which she helped to excavate historic plantation, Nance Farm, former home of Mickey Mantle and one of the oldest plantations in Texas. While she enjoyed
archaeology, art drew her interest more and she became interested in painting. Venus is very knowledgeable about art history and it helped her to begin painting, and soon she
began to pursue it full time. In the 12 years that she has been painting she has grown from an abstract artist to a very skilled realist artist. She has sold hundreds of paintings
around the world, some of whom are celebrities. She is in constant demand at art shows and continues to grow as an artist and to make strides in the art community.


Venus began writing poetry at the age of 9 when she was introduced to poetry by a family friend who was also a poet. But was also influenced by her grandmother who was
author Sallie Ann Clarke, author of the famous book, The Lake Worth Monster Of Greer Island.  After her passing, Venus inherited her rights to the book. Sallie was an active
author throughout her life and also the writer of a song recorded on a record by Sammy Davis Jr.

Those influences encouraged Venus to write poetry throughout high school and into junior college as a Liberal Arts major with a focus on classic literature and creative writing.
She excelled in college and began publishing her poetry. Her poems have won several awards and have been published in numerous literary journals. She has also written
several short stories and articles and still continues to write.


Influenced by her grandfather actor Rusty Lee, Venus grew up watching him in movies and tv shows. As a character actor he appeared in many westerns in the 70's through the
90's until his death in 1991. His resume' includes tv show like Gunsmoke, Father Murphy and High Chaparall, commercials for Lee Jeans and Dr Pepper, and movies such as
Raising Arizona (clip), Young Guns II , Go West Young Girl (clip), More Wild, Wild West, the Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean and more. Seeing him as an actor influenced
Venus who began acting in high school. Her first acting role was in high school as a dead man in the stage play Arsenic and Old Lace. Venus later began acting in community
theater. She sang, danced and acted in musicals such as Damn Yankees and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. She began to take on other roles in commercials such as
Radio Shack and films Blind Corner, Confessions, Mad Bad, The Mary Kay Movie and Rain starring Faye Dunaway. Venus now enjoys acting occasionally or performing as a
performance artist.


Influenced by her mother who was also a model, Venus began modeling when she was 12 for local departments stores. When she was 15 her mother enrolled her in a
prestigious etiquette and modeling school. She worked as a model locally but did not begin modeling again until years later after she was vigorously acting. Her acting
headshots drew an interest in her as a model again and she began working with notable photographers. She has worked with over 35 photographers including photographers
for Tony and Guy and National Geographic and makeup artists for magazines such as Sports Illustrated.


Venus grew up around uncles and her grandfather who were musicians. Her grandfather Rusty Lee was an actor, but also a musician. He performed cover songs but also
wrote his own music and performed across the country having worked with stars like Loretta Lynn and Ricky Nelson and many more. He had a weekly radio show with his band
Rusty Lee and The Tumbleweeds. The family love of music was natural for Venus when she began playing clarinet at age 11. She played throughout school, performing in her
high school marching band until she graduated. Though she stopped playing clarinet, her many musician friends and family were always a part of her life. And her knowledge
of music led her to become involved with an arts group in which she interviewed and wrote articles about bands such as The All American Rejects, Bowling For Soup, and
many others. She also helped produce concerts and local music events featuring bands and djs. Her love for music did not stop there when she decided to learn to play the
guitar and drums.  She took instruction for 2 years and has been playing for several years and enjoys playing for fun. Venus has also performed as an ensemble vocalist in
community theater musicals.


Venus began dancing at 4 years old when her mother enrolled her in a ballet class. When she was 8 she started tap dancing class at Casa Manana, the prestigious theater in
Fort Worth. At 15 Venus began dancing in junior drill team in high school and was accepted for the Varsity Drill Team which she participated in until she graduated from high
school. She was an award winning dancer and one of the only students to win all blue ribbons two years in a row at Drill Team Camp at Southern Methodist University in
Dallas. After high school she took jazz and contemporary dance courses at junior college and outside of school. Since then she has performed as a dancer in community
theater musicals.
Multi-Media Artist
Venus is a visual artist and
performance artist. She is an
award winning painter, dancer,
actress and model. She has
sold over 1000 paintings
Venus is a visual artist and
around the world, has worked
with several notable with
several notable
photographers, has performed
photographers, has performed
as an actress, singer, dancer,
as an actress, singer, dancer,
musician, and painter in live
performances, musicals, stage
plays, commercials and
Venus currently works out of Dallas, Texas. Growing up
in an artistic family of artists, actors and musicians, she
developed an early interest in the arts.

Her grandfather, Rusty Lee, was a film actor, musician and
painter and was a major influence. As was her
grandmother, author and song writer, Sallie Ann Clark.

Venus wrote poetry as a child and was also a musician,
dancer and model. She attended the University of Texas
as a Museum Studies Major where she was a dean's list
student while studying art history and anthropology.

Although Venus was studying to be a curator,  she began
to appreciate art as an emotional experience and
challenged herself to paint, a venture that developed into
a full time career as an artist. Her body of work has
developed from raw abstraction to figurative realism.
Consistently creating new work, she uses bold techniques
to create contemporary pieces that feel familiar yet unique.
In the 12 years she has been painting she has created
and astounding body of over 1000 works. Her paintings
have been sold around the world including to celebrities,
online and at art galleries and exhibitions.

Venus's creativity and drive positions her as a top
contemporary artist to watch.